At Vertical Fund Management,

  • We strive to build strategic partnerships with the investors who are dedicated to excellence and professionalism in all they do.
  • We value experience, integrity and reputation more than a credit score.
  • We seek out those strategic partnerships with investors who are addressing the social vertical challenges found in todays real estate landscape.
  • We value loyalty and dreaming big

As our President has said, “The rising tide lifts all yachts” So we believe that through collaboration with our real estate investors, we will accomplish our mission and vision at the same time propelling your and our vertical success.  Because we value experience and big vision our new real estate investors will find themselves in one of two starting tiers. No matter where you find yourself, as you begin to complete more projects and continually use us for funding you can rise to the higher tier levels, therefore reducing the cost of capital and gaining access to more capital per deal.

Purchase & Construction

Our Purchase and, or Construction Loan Verticals are for our real estate investors who are needing financing for the purchase or the purchase and construction funding for their projects.  We offer streamlined processes to get your funding toward your draws while reducing the headaches of waiting and floating your project.  Our terms and rates are dependent upon your Vertical Tier at the time of your loan request.  If you are looking for a no hassle loan program, then plugging into our Purchase & Construction Loan Vertical is just for you.

Rentals & Refinance

Our Rentals and, or Refinance Loan Verticals are for the investor who is looking to grow their passive portfolio or leverage their existing portfolio to generate higher returns.  Our Rental Loan Vertical is unique because we are looking to come along side of those investors who need capital to reposition or lease up under performing assets so that they can qualify for institutional investments.  Our Refinance Loan Verticals allow savvy investors to get out of higher cost loans by refinancing the existing note into a loan rate and term, as well as offer those with equity to leverage that equity and purchase more assets to help them build their portfolio.


Our Transactional Loan Verticals are unique and one of a kind in the industry.  This loan vertical is specific to wholesalers.  This is for the investor who is simply wanting to flip paper and be able to provide the capital for that A2B transaction to meet federal guidelines.  When our Wholesale investors begin using our Transactional funding, they begin to open the door for creative scenarios to make money from such sales that they usually could not go after, HUD and bank owned properties.  If you are a wholesaler and in need of Transactional funding then check out our funding rates by applying below.
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