Paul Bivens

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” – John Wooden


Paul is the managing owner of PM & Associates, LLC, established in 2010. Paul has over 14 years of experience in actively researching, vetting, and funding various projects in commercial and residential real estate, equity based real estate funding, and Tax Lien investing. Over the past 4 years, Paul has underwritten and performed due diligence for private lending/trust deed investing on over 100 real estate opportunities. Also, Transactional and Bridge loan lending has become a major part of this business. PM & Associates, LLC also owns and holds several commercial properties throughout Colorado. Paul has served as President and CEO of Willows Child Learning Centers, Inc. and President of Willows/Olde-Mill, Inc. since 1993. Both are privately held corporations established in 1969 focused on the education, development, and enrichment of pre-school through elementary aged children. These companies employ over 120 employees. Paul maintains his hands on approach in daily operations and finances leading this 3 generation business. As a life-time entrepreneur, Paul has spent time working on the implementation of the Family Bank and is knowledgeable in asset protection and structuring including multi-asset creation and design.
Paul attended Colorado State University with an emphasis in Business Management and Landscape Management & Design.
Paul enjoys spending time in the mountains of Colorado and the Hawaii islands with his wife of 34 years, three daughters, and two grandchildren. He currently resides in Castle Pines, Colorado.